Community Garden

Community garden.png

The Community Garden at Caltech

For one summer, we had a plot at the community garden at Caltech in Pasadena, CA.

The Setup: We had a very sunny plot, about 4' x 4'. The garden had timed watering and it was easy to connect a drip irrigation system.

Challenges: The plot was near one of the large water connection points for the whole community garden and it tended to flood our plot a few times a month.



The radishes were the first things we grew and they popped up right away!


We planted a lettuce mix and had a lot of success getting nice greens.

2013-02-16 16.05.24.jpg

I got my radishes in a row!


We just did the community garden for one year because we found enough garden space around the house and we wanted to focus on the space at home!