Peas for all


We finally have our three garden beds filled with soil, our greenhouse is up, and the chicken coop is waiting for our baby chicks to grow up! Lina also picked up her first hive of the year and put her 5,000 new friends near our serviceberries and peach trees.


Our final count: 304 sq ft of garden bed space!

(One 10’ x 16’ bed, Two 4’ x 15’ beds, One 4’ x 8’ hugel bed)

and four baby chicks…


Last weekend we took a risk and planted about half of our tomatoes and basil even though it’s before the first frost date. Keep your fingers crossed!


It looks like the things that we planted at the end of February were put in the ground too early. The radishes and peas that we planted in April have matched or overtaken them!

Peas are coming

Next up on the list is the herbs and the direct-sow summer crops. Stay tuned!

Cynthia Crosswhite